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# by fingercillo on 10/12/06 at 14:06:53

doesn't work out with me... it's just i got my itunes music folder not in my actual itunes music folder if you catch what i mean :D
it's just... following the alias i get to my music stuff, but it just doesn't load the file. the source link is correct and everything. i set the rights a couple times.

# by fingercillo on 09/17/06 at 09:59:36

somehow NI and icky don't play. nice set nonetheless! i love monty, and i'm not even english... :)

# by fingercillo on 09/17/06 at 09:49:51

it is. go to sounds in adium application support. then open package contents of Bruce Lee soundset and change BruceLee.txt to Bruce Lee.txt

alternatively i guess you can also change the soundsets name to BruceLee.

Should work out fine.

# by fingercillo on 09/14/06 at 16:53:37

This is plain great!
Page loads up and everything, only issue i've got is that quicktime plugin doesn't load up the file.
I've got iTunes music folder somewhere else but altered it accordingly. It does show up the actual path to the file. If I navigate manually to my music directory's alias it doesn' show up though. So apache can't find the file. any suggestions? i've checked chmods and they're all correctly set. i reset them a couple of time just in case - nothing.
nonetheless the plain idea is worth 5/5. I'll hopefully get it to work though. until then i can show people my cover art. :yay

nonetheless, this is a bloody great script. thanks a lot.
help concerning that issue of mine would be great, i'm stuck.