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# by nobody__ on 11/19/07 at 10:18:40

Alright, I got the solution to the text falling off the bottom. Lifted from textonly, which was modded to deal with Leopard. I don't know jack about this web shit, I just want my damn plaintext messages to show up in some reasonable fashion, so I can't write this crap but I can start hacking away at it for sure.

Anyway, edit main.css to change the padding as such:
#Chat {
padding-bottom: 10px;
overflow: auto;

With this and the font-size specifier, this should now be totally Safari 3 safe. I didn't get whacked by this with Leopard because I haven't upgraded, rather I got whacked with 10.4.11, hence the delayed update here. After finding this first fix I looked at how textonly solved the first problem. Same general approach, specify a font size, but his solution used em units instead of px, which are not only inconsistent with the rest of the units in the file but also don't make sense when thinking of fonts, so I'm sticking to my original use of 10px instead of 8em unless someone has some even better solution that sets it to 100% of message text size as controlled by the Adium prefs.

# by nobody__ on 11/19/07 at 09:56:38

damnit, the html took it up the arse, so timestamp dudes will have to kinda figure out what I meant. At least the css shows unmolested.

# by nobody__ on 11/19/07 at 09:55:29

Alright, Safari 3 is pissing me off... but so is making a freaking account to post comments here. (Note to self: password for this account = bl0rt) (Note to admins: don't require registering to post comments else I will continue to make trash accounts as I forget the others. I just made an extra trasher today with a bad email before finding the email check, so now this one points at a free anon email that only lived a couple minutes. Lower the bar to entry and more will contribute.)

Alright, to fix the size of the name, edit main.css. Add as font size as well as font family and set it to the same size as the message. So, with a default of Manaco 10 for the message text (as specified in the Adium preferences), we set 10px here to match as so:
.time, .sender, .contexttime, .contextsender {
font-family: Monaco, "Courier New", monospace;
font-size: 10px;
If anyone knows how to make this just follow what's in the Adium prefs like it used to, that'd be great.

Now, there's still a problem. The bottom-most line of text is almost completely cut off. When the window finally has enough text in it to scroll, then the alignment to the bottom edge fixes itself. Before then, its pretty infuriating. If anyone else figures this out, please post a solution.

Here's the timestamp info (I assume I've added this at some point as people ask but I've got timestamps showing). Edit the Status.html and all 4 html files under Incoming and Outgoing. The line to be added is: [%time{%H:%M}%]
In Status.html it shall appear as:


In Content.html and the others within the fiolders, it shall appear as (note that this is for placement of the single timestamp line, keep other lines correct per file):