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VG Cats (0 Comments)
This emoticon set is based on the emoticons from the forum of the VG Cats webcomic. VG Cats is ©Scott Ramsoomair, icons used with permission from Scott himself.
CyberSkull 25.88kb
588 total
3.3 / 17 votes
(Ranking: 0.37)
animated MSN Emoticons (10 Comments)
this is an anymated MSN Emotion pack. It will come more Emoitons soon. If you have ideas for new emoticons, please post a comment or send me a mail to
Karolherbst 580.56kb
3964 total
2.9 / 51 votes
(Ranking: -0.17)
Rage Additions (0 Comments)
This emoticon pack is meant to be in addition to other rage face emoticon packs, as there were some faces that I wanted to use that weren't included in the aforementioned packs.
pcaddict08 63.36kb
380 total
2.8 / 5 votes
(Ranking: -0.14)
Bruce's Pengies (6 Comments)
I use these for my blog on Live Journal, and just realized a week or so ago how awesome these would be as emoticons for Adium. So, I made this set in about an hour (with many, many interruptions, of course). If I need to ask permission...
da_baum 14.46kb
2657 total
4.0 / 26 votes
(Ranking: 1.41)
Bruce's Dwaggins (1 Comments)
As requested by a friend of mine (even though he's a Windows user, but hopefully he'll switch in the near future and be able to enjoy these), here are Bruce's Dwaggins. As with Bruce's Pengies, if I need to ask permission from someone to...
da_baum 15.36kb
1457 total
3.1 / 24 votes
(Ranking: 0.14)
Gearhead Emoticon Pack (0 Comments)
Gearhead Smiley Pack Version 1.0 This emoticon pack was created to celebrate FnF & Burning Man 2005. It contains twelve different expressions that can be called up by adding "gh" to the front of many common smileys. For example,...
oacat 86.54kb
348 total
3.0 / 19 votes
(Ranking: 0.00)
Ragnarädium (2 Comments)
Iconset for all Ragnarök Online fans! Includes all (52) in-game animated emoticons including the new ones!
shred 336.49kb
4057 total
4.1 / 39 votes
(Ranking: 1.75)
Superman (1 Comments)
Superman emoticons (as seen on
younis 6.51kb
1417 total
3.9 / 18 votes
(Ranking: 1.13)
chaos - default based (10 Comments)
These are originaly from a mood theme on greatest I thought they were cute so I decided to make them into emoticons...these are based off of the default emoticon settings. credit to goko_san's Chaos mood theme.
mb715 21.58kb
6379 total
4.0 / 67 votes
(Ranking: 1.83)
Favicons as Emoticons (6 Comments)
A few favicons to be used as emoticons. I'm hoping to add more in the future; please email if you have a few more sites you'd like added. (yes, I should have added Adium, slight oversight)
computerdude33 240.97kb
1270 total
2.8 / 29 votes
(Ranking: -0.29)
Wub (1 Comments)
There is only one emoticon that matters in my world: the almighty Lessthanthree of Love.
egypturnash 2.53kb
1460 total
3.1 / 28 votes
(Ranking: 0.14)
animated aim (7 Comments)
These are the animated aim smileys available with the new aim.
glowingstarlet18 55.83kb
2311 total
2.8 / 25 votes
(Ranking: -0.28)
Clock Crew BBS Emoticon Pack (2 Comments)
These are the emoticons from the Clock Crew BBS, situated at scenic The Clock Crew is (much more than) an Internet community of Flash animators. Movies produced by members of the Clock Crew often involve other members...
62bda02 38.6kb
535 total
3.8 / 21 votes
(Ranking: 1.06)
Giga Smileys (48 Comments)
I made this Pack because I just love these smileys so I wanted to use them on adium, and I hope you like them as much as I do... some have a white background so sorry for the users of non-white backgrounds... most are animated, and I...
Cassis 664.48kb
108932 total
3.7 / 643 votes
(Ranking: 1.97)
Deck-O-Cards (1 Comments)
What is it? Deal cards out to your chat buddies with these slightly oversized "emoticons". Very easy to use, and works great with my simple Card Dealer Script . First set of emoticons I've ever made! Hope you all enjoy. How...
RR_GraphixGuy 80.25kb
1073 total
2.7 / 25 votes
(Ranking: -0.42)
Birduck (0 Comments)
This is a port to Adium X, from, uh... Adium 1.0! (old)
Zorg 7.94kb
431 total
2.8 / 20 votes
(Ranking: -0.26)
Gizmo Icon Set (0 Comments)
Here's a custom icon set that I ported from the Gizmo Project to Adium X. This icon set might be helpful for Adium users that use the Gizmo Project plug-in. Enjoy.
Zorg 37.64kb
2153 total
3.9 / 19 votes
(Ranking: 1.15)
Muffins! (1 Comments)
This is a small emoticon set composed of blueberry muffins. With faces. If there are any reasonable emoticons anyone would like added, just say so, and I'll see what I can do. Enjoy!
sorroth 10.81kb
762 total
3.2 / 17 votes
(Ranking: 0.25)
KOLOBOK (1 Comments)
Pack of animated smileys for ICQ,the pack is made by Aiwan for Miranda-im and converted by me.
xoce77 137.51kb
7798 total
3.9 / 51 votes
(Ranking: 1.54)
Hello Kitty (6 Comments)
Icon set based on Hello Kitty, Now with some long overdue fixes
df0notfoundNeue 99.06kb
6554 total
3.9 / 48 votes
(Ranking: 1.51)
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