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Adium Token Dark

Adium Token Dark

Submitted By Brian (creator2456)


An add-on icon to Token by ~brsev (DeviantART). Created using Vectory Ducks 4.5 by Sam Gwilym as a base and the Token layer style by ~ brsev.

*Glad to see some people are using, at least downloading, my dock icon. Comments on and suggestions for the icon are welcome.



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# by andyrooski17 on 01/19/10 at 03:38:31

I really like this set. Very clean and simple, nice effect on the eyes. I combined a few of the .png files from this set and the light set to make a slightly custom icon set. Any other colors coming down the road?

# by creator2456 on 01/20/10 at 16:46:52

I hadn't thought of adding any other colors as they wouldn't fit in with the rest of Token, but I can make some up when I get the chance. Probably going to go with the standard ROY G BIV as colors when I do get to it.

# by lolshin on 11/08/10 at 03:40:44

Could you add more inward perspective (the shading) to match Token better? It's so close but its bugging me that it looks more "pushed out" than the icon set.

# by creator2456 on 11/08/10 at 05:12:39

Funny that someone should comment on one of these. I just recently looked at these again and realized I never got around to making color versions.
I'll definitely make these a little 'deeper' once I get to it, which most likely won't be for another 5 weeks or so. Last semester of college takes precedent over Adium icons.

# by lolshin on 11/09/10 at 00:50:35

Sweet! If you could also add the tiny bit of transparency to it to match the set that would be awesome, if not thats fine too. Love this set, looking forward to your update!

# by lolshin on 11/09/10 at 00:53:06

Actually I think you might have already put transparency in, but it could be a bit more translucent.

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