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iPod Harmony

iPod Harmony

Submitted By BlueRevolution


Please note: As this dock icon set is packaged in a .dmg, please use the download link to the right. The install link won't work.

They're iPods, in the same style as my new Mac Harmony icons! Download includes separate matching icons for all 6 iPods (iPod rev. 4, plus the 5 iPod Minis). Each spins when Adium receives messages in high-frame count animations, plus customized icons for away, idle, etc.


  • 1.2 :: iPod is now iPod Harmony to match Mac Harmony, but again no changes to the icons. Seems you can't mess with perfection ;).
  • 1.1 :: Fixed a few packaging glitches (i.e. with the drive image) but no changes to the actual icons.
  • 1.0 :: Original release.



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# by Liquidmercury on 09/12/04 at 15:55:06

This is great!!!!!!!!!!!!

# by Anonymous on 09/12/04 at 17:38:43


# by Quincy on 09/12/04 at 18:33:01

haha... did you put "adiumy ipod!" in your away icon specifically for my ipod adiumy remix dock set?... if not there's an interesting tidbit for you... if you did, i feel special :) lol

# by BlueRevolution on 09/12/04 at 22:23:40

Then you can feel special... it was actually partially inspired by your iPod Adiumy set, so it's my homage :).

# by Quincy on 09/15/04 at 00:28:39

awesome!!... i'm glad i was an inspiration

# by Micah on 10/24/04 at 14:58:32

not worth the memory icons though

# by BlueRevolution on 10/24/04 at 18:32:39

you know you're strapped for hard drive space when...

# by on 11/15/04 at 18:12:46

Hmm...the pink one appeared to have a bit of a white line on the edge while rotating. The crop bothers me a little bit, other than that I like it almost as much as I like my iPod.

# by BlueRevolution on 11/15/04 at 19:42:05

I'll have to fix it the same time as I do the iPod Photo (you may be waiting a while then :). all of the minis have that problem, just a matter of playing around with the settings on the magic wand tool in Fireworks. the problem is that each icon has around 50 frames in the rotating animation, and I can't batch process all of it. I'll get to eventually, when I've got nothing better to do ;). in the meantime, enjoy your slightly white-lined icon...

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