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Adiumy Jayne

Adiumy Jayne

Submitted By BlueRevolution


Pretty cunning, don'tcha think?

A ducky interpretation of the character Jayne from the upcoming movie Serenity, sporting his awe-inspiring hat and fearlessly airbrushed facial hair. More characters to come, as soon as I have time.



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# by on 09/07/04 at 11:12:21

Nice! A fellow Firefly fan in the Adium community. Seeing as how you're much more skilled than I, how about the hat Jayne got from his mother? It was sort of orange with some straw coming out. That was a neat hat...

# by BlueRevolution on 09/07/04 at 20:39:26

That IS the hat in question :D... the straw from the screen capture isn't that noticable though, I should artificially add a few pieces.

Up next: Book w/ too much hair ;).

# by Kevin on 09/15/04 at 16:15:37

Yes!! I've been waiting for one of these. I was going to do one with a browncoat, but remembered I suck at graphics. This rules--thanks!

# by on 09/17/04 at 19:45:38

Jaaaaayne, he's the duck they call Jaaaaaaaaayne!

Wow, this is wonderful! Looking forward to a whole series of them. Thank you so much!

# by retrovertigo on 03/26/06 at 13:00:51

Awesome. I'll be in my bunk...

# by Corny on 06/01/09 at 23:59:43

Haha cool :D
Browncoat Adiumy would still be awesome... Bookzilla, too :D

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Current Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 08/19/04
Hat from an actual screen capture of the DVD, Blue Sun logo made in Flash using actual logo as reference, original Adiumy by Adam Betts. Airbrushed facial hair entirely the fault of the author.