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Al from FMA

Al from FMA

Submitted By Brendan Ward (Promeytheus)


This is the sequel to Ed from FMA.



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# by Venerabilis on 10/16/04 at 13:50:11

heheh.. very nice..

# by on 11/01/04 at 23:44:59

I'm lovin' the anime Dock Icons! ^ .< (Reason alone to switch to Adium)

# by Inuki-chan on 12/27/04 at 03:19:17


# by Anonymous on 03/03/05 at 21:47:41

nice... what about roy?? :D roy would be great... the flames and all... just saying...

# by Promeytheus on 03/17/05 at 11:47:20

Im am currently working on the Roy dock icon "flames and all."

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