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Submitted By Daniel Grenell (danielgrenell)


I've seen requests for a hal dock icon, so i dug up an old hal icon i made a long time ago and threw this together in about 2 minutes. for some reason the quality isn't terrific, and i would like to change the colors. because of all this, input is obviously needed, i will be releasing an updated version based on the input i receive.



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# by CaptainObvious on 07/07/04 at 13:17:38

The only thing I'd suggest is that you make the Online color Red, like HAL's operating normally. Maybe add an away color too? Good work so far!

# by Quincy on 07/07/04 at 14:10:17

i completely agree with captainobvious... the red hal should be online, and there probably shouldn't even be a green hal... maybe have the offline hal be pretty close to black in the center (but you can still see part of the center)... i'd be glad to help out if you'd like any... otherwise, great idea for a dock set and great work overall... and for an away color... maybe yellow?

# by tedger on 07/07/04 at 16:32:15

I agree with the cap't and Quincy Red hal would suit online better. I also agree with Quincy that a barely glowing red would be better for offline (see my Automator icon). Perhaps a yellow for away/idle and some computer like text at the bottom that explains instead of the default signs.

# by CzarDerivative on 07/07/04 at 16:40:27

Agreed. Great icon though.

# by on 07/08/04 at 00:41:28

Maybe for Attention the Red Eye could flash?

Just an idea.

# by on 07/08/04 at 02:05:00

agreed it should be red for active...but otherwise nice icons :)

# by Reikon on 07/09/04 at 11:02:11


i just watched a documentary on this movie the other night....wierd..

# by on 07/12/04 at 01:04:12

You ought to do the actual glassy orb over. You can do much better shines and aqua-ish stuff nowadays o.0. The colors are cool though. You might consider making the little glow pulsate with the color on various actions.

# by on 07/12/04 at 01:08:38

I also agree with them, you should use diff colors for the status. Red for away etc, and you should probably do diff anims for the away/idle/working actions.

# by Anonymous on 07/22/04 at 11:18:49

I just couldn't resist saying good job pointing that out CaptainObvious, and also I agree.

# by on 07/29/04 at 14:15:23

I'm working on a new HAL 9000 Adium set. I'm taking into account a lot of the above suggestions. It should be tested and ready in a week.

Author of this original: I plan on giving a shout-out to you for the idea, but if you have any other questions/objections, please e-mail me.

# by Tovarizzle on 07/29/04 at 15:18:25

Sorry, I had meant to type "Within a week". I've uploaded it now, so whenever it gets approved, it'll be up. I've named mine "HAL 9000", to help differentiate.

Once again, if you have any objections, e-mail me and I'll gladly discuss them with you.

# by yaniv on 09/04/04 at 10:02:37

what captain obvious said.

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I have no idea who made the original hal graphic, if anyone knows, please tell me. I am using an edited plist file from iMacicon.