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Dreams of Adium

Dreams of Adium

Submitted By E dixon (Reikon)


Icon based on the Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Icon



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# by Unknown on 07/06/04 at 20:32:29

Not even close

# by Reikon on 07/07/04 at 00:36:22

Ok, but I used the Dreamweaver Icon to make it. ^_^

# by Quincy on 07/07/04 at 01:13:17

Not even close = close enough according to me :-)

# by Reikon on 07/07/04 at 02:02:07

Yay! I'm special :-D

# by Unknown on 07/07/04 at 16:27:23

I'm sorry but I don't see the Dreamweaver icon in that. The lighting is all off, and that "A" is too low and doesn't even come close to the style of Macromedia's 'font'

# by CzarDerivative on 07/07/04 at 16:42:41

Sorry, Unknown... I like it :-)

# by Crazycole2001 on 07/07/04 at 21:33:56

weather dreamweaver or not... its spicy

# by Reikon on 07/07/04 at 22:08:28

Thanks for your feedback I really appreciate it :-D

# by Unknown on 07/08/04 at 00:18:07

I'm not saying it's BAD, I'm just saying it's doesn't look like a macromedia icon.

Good work though

# by drunken link on 07/09/04 at 15:19:20

very nice

# by Reikon on 07/21/04 at 20:16:11

Thanks! :)

# by ink on 08/25/04 at 21:02:58

Sorry, this one gets 1 duck.

# by Reikon on 09/04/04 at 20:09:13

To each his own :)

# by BlueRevolution on 09/17/04 at 00:34:17

Uh, it's a neat concept, but with Safari, Firefox, Netscape, Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver and Space Colony in my Dock I have altogether too many "balls" as it is. Oh, and IE - it's there for testing purposes only, I assure you. For the font, you might want to try freehand drawing it so that there is no peak at the top, and so that the right side doesn't connect with the crosspiece or top... that might improve the dreamweaver-like look of the icon. Try looking at other Studio MX 2004 icons and see what the letters have in common.

# by on 04/09/05 at 00:43:50

I do suggest two things. Raise the A up a bit and use the Flash icon for the red one.

# by on 07/06/05 at 06:48:22

Turn the flash "f" into an "A" by mirroring it and then cutting off the tails, That'll give you a macromedia style "A"

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