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Text AdiumX

Text AdiumX

Submitted By Carlos Wever (Little_Tiger)



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# by Crazycole2001 on 11/17/06 at 03:10:54

Hey i'd like the rest of the set can you link me to them?

# by Little_Tiger on 11/17/06 at 05:21:55

Here is the set, (some of them in the preview might not be in the set, because I made them myself).
But here is the link

# by Spookster on 11/17/06 at 10:41:00

Wich font is that? I recognise it, but I can't get my memory to find the name -_-

# by Little_Tiger on 11/17/06 at 10:45:01

That is just Lucida Grande (but everything bold)

# by Spookster on 11/17/06 at 11:26:04

yer a genius! ^^

# by twee.doderik on 11/18/06 at 08:54:30

and what about black adux icon, please..

# by Little_Tiger on 11/18/06 at 12:10:32

Same but in black???

# by Dylan1077 on 11/18/06 at 14:48:55

I'm guessing that is what he means, after all, on the deviantART page, there is both a white and black set.

# by twee.doderik on 11/19/06 at 00:42:11

yes, but not adium dock, i mean with that small litter for message and so on =)

# by BlackandWhitePenguin on 02/03/07 at 21:42:11

Nice, and minimalistic.

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