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Good old slogans

Good old slogans

Submitted By Andreas Severinsen (smacmac)


We all remember the good old Adium slogans, right?
Some of us (me) even loved them.

Then the new design took them away from us.

But now they are back! Anytime you want they may appear in your messanges, or even your nick (if you would want that)!

With the easy command %_slogan you may give the old slogans a new life!

The slogans I used was the ones zaudragon posted in the ""Get Adium" Images Competition" thread.


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# by evands on 02/01/06 at 11:33:04

The slogans were written by a variety of Adium developers, mostly in one giant subethaedit session :)

# by zaudragon on 02/01/06 at 18:44:36

Now this one SHOULD die:
It exists!

# by smacmac on 02/02/06 at 00:09:12

Oh. I did not mean to make a duplicate of your script. I tried to search before I made it, but "1773 featuires" and "Features++;" and so on. I never search for "slogans" (.dumb).

# by zaudragon on 02/02/06 at 18:23:56

Heh… the reason I had those slogans in the first place was because I kept them in the script. Otherwise, no one would have them. Perhaps we should use your version instead; mine is getting old :D

# by evands on 02/03/06 at 22:50:02

This script reminded me that I'd been meaning to find a nice place to put the slogans back... check out :)

# by smacmac on 02/04/06 at 09:54:55

I (L) the good old slogans. Great!

# by simplebeep on 02/06/07 at 20:05:13

what are the 'good ol' slogans?

# by smacmac on 04/20/07 at 04:49:14

The good old slogans are the slogans which appeared under the main adium x title all over the adium x site from some time in early 2004 to May 2005. They also briefly appeared for a short time under the Adium X logo on the front page at about the time evands linked to the front page. ^
Check out*/http:/.../ and you will se how it looked.

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