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Old School Adium Icon

Old School Adium Icon

Submitted By matt capacity (capacity)


For all you Adium veterans (and the non-vets, of course): The original icon from the very first 1.x betas of Adium, circa 2001. Is this what we'd call retro Adium? ;)



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# by Bosk on 05/28/04 at 16:32:16

Super-retro. Brilliant. Not that i'd ever use this monstrosity ;-)

# by on 05/30/04 at 21:47:15

ewww looks like its made of worms, veins or mince. :)

# by jesus on 06/01/04 at 18:19:30

this used to freak me out. i stopped using this version because of the scary icon. i am happy it changed.

# by eth on 06/04/04 at 01:34:05

it rocks. don't dis the zombie duck.

# by on 06/17/04 at 22:45:11

Braaaaaaaaaains! QUACK!

# by BlueRevolution on 10/24/04 at 19:30:43

amen to that

# by zaudragon on 01/17/05 at 23:29:12


# by ATMB on 07/16/05 at 14:02:20

ARGH! Adiumy...I love you! :D

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Adam Iser made the graphics. I put it together in a .Adiumicon package.