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Darth Vadium-Revisited

Darth Vadium-Revisited

Submitted By John (da_baum)


Same as the original Darth Vadium icon, except this one has an orange lightsaber for away, instead of a purple lightsaber. Just for those of you who wanted a 'Sith' color for the away lightsaber.



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# by on 07/14/05 at 12:38:59

wow muy bueno este icono

# by da_baum on 07/14/05 at 14:10:43

Now if only I could understand something other than English...anyone feel like translating it for me?

# by on 07/14/05 at 14:17:40

translation - wow very good icon set. (i think)

cheers. great looking icons.

# by zaudragon on 07/14/05 at 16:14:21

translation = wow, this icon is very good.

# by da_baum on 07/14/05 at 19:57:01

Ah. Thanks, but...I could never make anything as good as this. All I did was change the color of the icon, which was made by Psiona.

# by on 07/15/05 at 08:30:32

Now this looks much better. Yo homies this is not the Southside, westside, eastside, and all dat. It's the Darkside foo. Check out the Starwars Fanfilm, "The Sith Apprentice" which is a cool parody of that reality show with that trump guy.

# by da_baum on 07/15/05 at 13:58:36

Yeah, awesomeness. Gangsta Rap is good too. Glad you like the new away lightsaber. My life is now complete...

# by Joe on 08/03/05 at 10:32:51
"Lord Vader...RED!!" Darth Sidious

# by cartse on 10/21/05 at 09:03:16

why i can't use it??

# by Ehecu on 11/29/06 at 19:50:34

I'm quite sure that while the Emperor's right hand, Mara Jade used a purple lightsaber, so I'd consider that very much a sith color.

All the same, nice set :P

# by elctricmonkey on 09/12/07 at 19:29:39

This is awesome!!!

# by alecocco on 01/10/08 at 11:39:13


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