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TOS Comunicator

TOS Comunicator

Submitted By John Hall (nyrd1337)


A dock icon which is the communicator from Star Trek, The Original Series. Flips open while connecting.



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# by on 07/17/05 at 10:08:00

I like it, but I would get rid of the text overlays and just brighten the colored light on the surface of the communicator.

# by Aoi on 07/18/05 at 02:16:53

Those large(?) animated GIFs on the bottom aren't displaying correctly for me (as if the main body of the communicators are set to invisible). (That they're animating in a rapid loop as well is probably beside the point. ^_^)

Getting rid of the overlays is probably a bad idea, though, unless you're sure everybody will know what the colored lights mean (or they're large enough for everyone to see in their Dock).

# by on 07/18/05 at 22:11:27

to adm58: I'd like to get rid of the badges, but, as Aoi points out, its kind of difficult to see the little lights or to know what they mean. Brighting them might help. I'd like to use that rectangular field underneith, but that is supposed to be a panel for controls and I'd hate to upset any retentive TOS fans. The lights actually correspond to lights on the communicator, though, I took license with the colors. Maybe I'll make an alternative without the overlays. This one can serve as a training icon for TOS communitator 2.O. Meanwhile, I have some pixels to fix at the front edge of the communicator.

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