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My Robot Eye

My Robot Eye

Submitted By Nicolas Deysson (Zenest)


My first Adium dock icon.
Hope you'll enjoy. Please comment !



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# by Calcium on 06/24/05 at 05:07:29

Nice work ;-)

# by Trinix on 06/24/05 at 16:29:41

I love it, its brilliant!!!

# by Githon on 06/24/05 at 16:52:06

Reminds me of HAL

# by Susan on 06/25/05 at 18:42:18

looks good. might look better without the text inside.

# by on 06/25/05 at 20:50:19

I love this icon. It has finally supplanted Photocopier as my icon of choice. Great work!

# by biglittledragoon on 06/26/05 at 05:32:37

Really nice! Maybe the text inside is a little bit too discreet...

# by Zenest on 06/27/05 at 00:36:56

Thanx alot you all.
Susan, I will release a 'no-text-inside' version in a couple of days.
Githon, I must admit HAL was in my mind when I designed the icon ;-)

# by Brian on 06/27/05 at 14:45:34

I would agree with the no-text comment. Also, despite blue being my favorite color, I usually consider Red to be the more default "Away" hue. I love it though. Good job bro.

# by on 06/29/05 at 18:27:40

I agree with the no text comment. However, most of the time the person who's messaging you has their name covering it. Brilliant though. Love the smoothness of it.

# by Steev Bishop on 07/05/05 at 03:11:30

Actually, I'd rather the text replace the standby/power symbol at the bottom, with a more serious typeface than Bauhaus, but otherwise this is great work.

# by BrussEuro on 07/06/05 at 14:51:55

interesting, offbeat--I like it.

# by on 08/04/05 at 16:55:12

The animation on this icon is so slick...
I think I'd like it without text, too, but for the time being I am not going to complain at all. =)

# by chris88 on 10/11/05 at 03:28:11

i realy like the eye its so cool i also like it with the text in it

# by alej744 on 11/26/06 at 00:22:54

The font just doesn't fit.

# by cheezitimposter on 02/14/07 at 22:01:47

make one thats red and says "HAL" !!! LOL!!!

# by Dy3pBa11a1713 on 07/29/07 at 21:26:08

if u make a variant of this, could u make the away red?

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