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Submitted By Oscar Gruno (oscargruno)


The newest generation in my series of emoticons ^_^


0.8 -> 0.9
  • Now works on darker backgrounds as well
  • New and improved base icon for all emotes
  • Removed a few redundant emotes
  • Redrew 7 or 8 of the emotes



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# by on 06/22/05 at 15:24:12

Great too know you're on here Oscar!

# by dcentity2000 on 06/22/05 at 16:16:15

These are a Godsend - thanks!

# by on 06/25/05 at 00:53:28

I already made them :)

looooonnnng ago and I even asked you my self oscar if I could use your emoticons =)

# by oscargruno on 06/26/05 at 10:33:31

Just to clear out any confusion, these are based on the same ones, but they have been redone, and made more aqua-ish... The others present on this site (2 others) are based on the older versions... :)

# by jego on 02/17/06 at 03:35:27

hehe I know... was just joking...

You kicked me out of the game by the way ;)

# by tiffany on 07/10/05 at 04:57:59

thanks i really needed these

# by on 07/11/05 at 09:05:38

not to sound like an idiot or anything, but how do i get the smilies to show up? How do i download them onto msn or aim?

# by Donuts on 09/02/05 at 11:48:36

I simply love these smileys, the best :D
Now I have a slight issue: whenever I have these icons and msn as a backup for when the smiley isn't covered, the msn ones will override this one, and I don't get to enjoy it... anyone ?

# by zipper on 10/18/07 at 11:15:30

Turn off "show custom msn emotes" which is found the in the advanced section of the preference pane. Only thing I can think of.

# by MsSolberg on 12/30/05 at 12:38:08

Do anyone here know if these smileys can be seen by someone who use Win Msn ?

# by re-aktor on 12/09/06 at 18:57:46

Could somebody please tell me an emial adress of oscar gruno? i tried everything to contact him. just want to know under which license these smilies are?


# by tasmanian_devil on 05/27/07 at 14:37:15

Cool!! I love these. They are the ONLY ones I ever use. There are many emoticons which means lots of choices. I LOVE THESE!!

# by Chad on 06/10/07 at 17:10:02

Me too :) I love them like a fluffy wuffly kitty.

# by ddamato on 10/07/07 at 12:43:26

I like these -- a lot! *grin*
The third one, on the bottom row -- the >< face -- what kind of face is that? When I type >

# by tgos on 03/13/08 at 06:23:15

Very good contrast, work great on all backgrounds; they are almost perfect, but there are two ones I dislike:

1. Argy/Annoyed. >:o means kind of "Angry/Shouting", not annoyed. Must icon themes draw this with an open mouth, as the "o" is indicating an open mouth. This will be misleading, if I use this icon to express that I'm annoyed and someone else has this icon as shouting! What you drew, annoyed, rather looks like >:|, that would be annoyed. Also you could play around with other angry kinds. E.g. you have >:) (devil), but you don't have >:( (Angry and unhappy). It's very important that the picture you create matches the text image as good as possible. In this aspect the theme iChat Complete is great, but your smileys just look so much better in quality (iChat complete )

2. The crying one is not really crying, it's more like "I'm going to start to cry", but :'( means actually crying.

Maybe you can make these two a bit more accurate and steal some Ideas from Adium Complete, I'd really like to have all the other one's of Adium Complete being redrawn your style in your amazing quality! Thanks.

# by solly3 on 03/15/08 at 14:11:27

How do you make yor own smiley set?

# by Darkmax on 10/28/09 at 03:01:52

This is great ! thanks a lot for this smiley set, I'm using it at my forums here:

of course feedback added to !

# by ashleyclw on 06/19/11 at 22:58:07

Call me a noob but um, how do u install this on wordpress/blogger? thanks :)

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Oscar Gruno,
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