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Now Playing in Adium

Now Playing in Adium

Submitted By adam nanovivid (nanovivid)


Based on Now Playing in iChat AV by Doug Adams, this script will give you a nicely formatted status message that shows your current iTunes music. Thanks to Doug for his permission to post this.

Simply set %_nowplaying as your Available message and you will get something like:

♫ Underworld - Dirty Epic

Note that if the total characters of artist + song name + punctuation is greater than 42*, the message with be truncated to fit in that limit. For example, "Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven" becomes:

♫ Godspeed You! Bla... - Lift Your Skinnny ...

The script also supports streaming radio and will attempt to parse out artist and song info. It even uses a special icon to indicate that you're listening to a stream: ☢

Important: If you have problems, don't contact Doug! Leave a comment here for me.

* In addition to being the answer to the ultimate question, 42 is also the arbitrary length limit on AIM available messages.


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# by sdh on 05/08/05 at 15:26:44

seems nice, but does pc users see the ? icon?

# by sdh on 05/08/05 at 15:27:19

err.. the ? was a note-icon

# by nanovivid on 05/08/05 at 15:31:58

As far as I know, PC AIM doesn't support available messages. I have no idea about MSN or any other protocols as I don't use them. :- If you use this script in your AIM away (not available) message, Windows users may get an error about characters that can't be displayed.

# by Rules54 on 07/06/08 at 08:43:40

Available messages are supported to aim 6 and higher, if you have classic, or 5, you can only see available messages in the away message area.

# by ihaveabellybutton on 05/08/05 at 20:04:44

theres too many of these scripts

# by kyle on 05/08/05 at 20:25:20

SDH - I dont think they do.. and this script can be automatically incorporated into adium by putting your away message as %_track - %_artist, the only thing that I see different is the icon thingy..

# by sdh on 05/09/05 at 06:53:20

KYLE - yeah i use that in my nick, like this: sdh / %_artist - %_track [%_status]

# by Brutal on 05/09/05 at 09:11:53

I'm on my work-PC now, and I can see the characters just fine (well, on this page atleast..)

Great script, dude.

# by on 05/09/05 at 12:56:04

I have nothing to do with this modification of my script. Please do not email me with your problems.

# by nanovivid on 05/09/05 at 13:15:31

Um, yeah. Sorry if anyone emailed you about this. I added a note to the description asking people to leave comments here if they have problems.

# by on 05/09/05 at 17:27:18

how can make it works with yahoo accounts ?

# by nanovivid on 05/09/05 at 20:27:32

I don't know if Yahoo supports available status messages. If it's not showing up for your buddies when you set %_nowplaying as your status message, I don't know what to tell you. Sorry. :-(

# by on 05/10/05 at 14:57:53

....does this work with iTunes 4.8?

# by on 05/10/05 at 14:59:56

answered my own question - YES it works with 4.8 :-)

# by neurot1 on 05/12/05 at 16:58:05

works just fine.
Great little script!

# by on 05/17/05 at 16:08:38

All I see is %_nowplaying in the status bar...

# by nanovivid on 05/17/05 at 18:38:44

Sean - that's expected behavior. Adium doesn't process scripts in the title of your status state. Add yourself to your buddy list and you'll see the status correctly.

# by on 05/17/05 at 21:33:42

Ah ... ok didn't see that anywhere :) Thanks.

# by on 05/17/05 at 21:42:38

Ah - it was also an issue because it appears this doesn't work in Yahoo!. Bummer.

# by on 05/17/05 at 23:12:12

Is there a way to make it not cut off longer names? It cuts off some of my longer song titles and artist combinations

# by on 06/11/05 at 09:53:31

can anyone tell me how to set this script? because i dont see anything... and give me the screenshot please... thanks

# by on 06/11/05 at 10:05:08

it works when i put it in my nickname, not in available message... is that the right way?
is there any script to see someone else's "nowplaying"?

# by on 06/13/05 at 10:20:35

dmt: i have the same problem as you. it only works when i put the %_nowplaying as my nickname.. but that's not what i pretended... any solution to this?

# by geral on 06/13/05 at 11:04:41

i don't think it works.... no one of my contacts can see what i'm hearing

# by on 06/13/05 at 13:25:32

Try doing like me. Go to your account details and put %_nowplaying as your nick or after your nick. For example i have mine set as "maNNy calavera on %_nowplaying". This should work. My msn contacts can see it.

# by weei on 06/15/05 at 07:04:01

donät really get where this script works, but is it like the msn for pc now playing-thing? Does it work with msn?

# by on 06/15/05 at 13:55:57

it works nice. If anything, I wish it refreshed faster. Great script, though. Thanks!

# by on 06/16/05 at 12:42:32

it works when u put "%_nowplaying" as your nickname, your msn friends can see this, BUT they see this as your nickname, not as a link like msn does...

# by on 06/17/05 at 11:21:33

I love this script but for some reason it makes adium crash after about 1 hour......... any help? :(

# by on 06/19/05 at 21:13:52

Is there a way to speed it up? It only seems to update every 20+ seconds. Otherwise it's great.

# by onur on 06/21/05 at 03:14:36

it works for msn accounts if you put the "%_nowplaying" after one line break or space after your nickname. but the problem is, if you're not listening anything, even if your iTunes is not open the message returns "Quiet"

# by Lunasea on 06/23/05 at 10:02:07

Maybe it won't work in YM coz of the icon(s) in the begin? I can't figure out why all other %_ commands work in YM except this one and that's the only conclusion I can reach so far

# by on 06/28/05 at 20:17:45

I dont think ive got this working correctly,
I cant get the song title to show, but i signed in on msn with Adium, and then msn with messenger ,, both on my mac, two different emails,,
and still couldnt see it, but, i changed my name on messenger to %_nowplaying and i said hi to myself to ADIUM, and it came back auto reply with what itunes was playing,, weird,,, lol
and ive no idea why,,,,

# by on 06/28/05 at 21:57:30

seems like this is crashing adium a lot. when i don't use "now playing" as a status, adium remains stable all day.

using adium .82 on mac os 10.4.01 and iTunes 4.9

# by on 06/28/05 at 22:03:48

Here is what I do to have everything working in each respective chat protocol:
MSN - put "%_nowplaying" without the quotes(") in your nick. For all other protocols I found putting "%_artist - %_track[%_status]" in place of "%_nowplaying" in the Available field as first suggested, allows all other protocols with the exception of MSN to show what you are playing in your status window.

# by on 07/04/05 at 16:34:27

Just a min.....

The developer is called Douglas Adams, and the message length is 42?

Sometimes the world is so strange....

# by on 07/14/05 at 13:20:17

that's was i was waiting for. thx!

# by on 07/15/05 at 19:45:59


# by on 07/19/05 at 13:28:08

I must be retarded or something, but I cant figure out the scripts. Im on Mac OSX Tiger and I put the script into the Away custom, but no one sees the itunes track. Help Please?

# by on 07/24/05 at 00:44:16

My one works fine, just put it in you nickname. this is how my one looks in the personal info box: -

Mac Mini : -
"Jeeves on Mac Mini My iTune: - %_nowplaying"

iBook: -
"Jeeves on iBook My iTune: - %_nowplaying"

so then they are viewed as: -

Mac Mini
"Jeeves on MacMini My iTune: - ? Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc."

iBook: -
"Jeeves on iBook My iTune: - ? Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc."

works brilliantly and looks so cool! all my mates love it :D

thanks a lot for this one!

# by on 08/03/05 at 14:59:49

after all the downloading, and installing. this program still doesnt register.

is there somethign im simply over looking im using 10.2.8

could that be it?or perhaps b/c im using itunes 4.7.1??

# by Pyranha on 09/22/05 at 01:22:43

When i set Auto reply in status now playing other user recieve the itunes playing track. If Auto reply turned off nothig happend.

# by ohscience on 09/24/05 at 09:32:16

It would be really really great if you could make it update faster.

# by nanovivid on 09/24/05 at 13:41:58

Unfortunately, I have no control over the update speed. That's handled by Adium.

# by lamchop on 10/18/05 at 20:00:29

My friends with AIM get an error message saying that some characters (the music symbol) cannot be displayed. After they close the error box it says "k Artist - Song". Is there anyway to prevent the error message with AIM on PCs?

# by nanovivid on 10/19/05 at 03:26:22

You'd need to edit the script and remove the symbol prefixes. You might be better off using the built-in iTunes scripts (look under Edit -> Insert Script).

Hope this helps!

# by swoosh225 on 10/20/05 at 22:51:25

hi. i don't seem to be able to get it to work? i don't know how to put the script in my profile/nickname. how do i un-install this script? Thanks!

# by danielo on 10/26/05 at 08:41:13

But when im not listening nothing my nick still has the variable :// there no way than just appear when listening?

# by danielo on 10/26/05 at 09:49:02

There is a way to change the Quiet message?

# by nanovivid on 10/26/05 at 10:15:13

Yes, by editing the script.

# by danielo on 10/26/05 at 20:21:10

how i do that?

# by nanovivid on 11/10/05 at 14:16:25

Navigate to Home -> Library -> Application Support -> Adium 2.0 -> Scripts. Control-click on Now Playing In Adium.AdiumScripts and choose Show Package Contents. Enter Contents and then Resources and double-click on Now Playing.scpt to open it in Script Editor.

Scroll down a bit until you find the line:

property not_listening_message : "Quiet"

and edit "Quiet" to say whatever you want.

# by ~Niko on 10/27/05 at 10:52:10

H E L P ! ! !

I'm having a major issue getting this script to STOP running!! The script was cool, but I want it to turn off and it's still running even after deleting it! Help!!



# by jcarroll on 11/10/05 at 11:32:16

i've made a minor revision to this script to make it get the track information from an iTunes on another computer. You can get my script on my site, MacGeekery, at

# by finn on 11/12/05 at 04:53:48

How can I delete the script? Thanks!

# by finn on 11/12/05 at 11:56:49

Thanks for the hint, but it is still there in the menu... What else can I do? Thanks!

# by nanovivid on 11/12/05 at 15:40:18

Did you quit and relaunch Adium?

# by cfred on 11/13/05 at 07:08:45

Does this script—or do any in this family of scripts—do any filtering of track names?

I love Liz Phair, but she has one or two explicit song titles, and I'd like to not have those words in my status message. So I need something to take the "dirty words" and make "d**** w****" out of them.

Does this script, or is there a way to chain it to another script?

# by nanovivid on 11/13/05 at 08:38:38

No, it doesn't filter, and I don't feel that it's worth adding to the released version. However, here are the changes to add it to your copy.

Navigate to Home -> Library -> Application Support -> Adium 2.0 -> Scripts. Control-click on Now Playing In Adium.AdiumScripts and choose Show Package Contents. Enter Contents and then Resources and double-click on Now Playing.scpt to open it in Script Editor.

Scroll to the bottom and add the following two functions:


on doFilter(theText)
set theText to my replace(theText, "poop", "p**p")
set theText to my replace(theText, "dog", "cat")
return theText
end doFilter

on replace(theText, oldString, newString)
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to oldString
set tempList to every text item of theText
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to newString
set theText to the tempList as string
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ""
return theText
end replace


In the doFilter function, you'll need to edit the line:
set theText to my replace(theText, "poop", "p**p")
to do the actual filtering you want done. Duplicate the line as many times as you need to create all your filters. Keep in mind that this is a lazy-ass filter and it is case sensitive, so poop and Poop must each have their own filter line. (Yeah, there are probably more efficient ways to do this, but like I said, lazy. :-)

Finally, scroll back toward the top and right above the line that says:

-- comment out the next line to skip truncate feature


set nom to my doFilter(nom)

If you want to filter artist name as well, add:

set art to my doFilter(art)

Quit and restart Adium and you should have a filter. Hope this helps!

# by cfred on 11/13/05 at 09:19:11

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I was missing the trick of opening the package, so I wasn't able to look at the script directly.

The filtering with delimeters is a neat trick. I never would have thought of that; I'd have been making an external script call to run a regexp on it.

I've just tested it out, and it works exactly like I want it to! Thank you very much for your help!

# by webby on 11/18/05 at 13:09:37

Well it actually works in the status message in MSN.
In the preferences just type at your display name, for isntance...

I am listening to %_track by %_artist

and will set this as your status message.

# by Darkmaster on 11/24/05 at 07:50:19


# by SNESUK on 12/03/05 at 13:43:53

Can someone pleas tell me how I can change this Script so that it can have more than 42 Figures in it please :)
Great script BTW

# by geofas on 12/05/05 at 10:31:46

perfect script!
any way i can shorten the command from %_nowplaying to say /now or %_now?

# by geofas on 12/05/05 at 10:36:55

duuuhhhh! editing the plist would do the trick. thanks anyways.

# by MrFrodo on 12/07/05 at 07:08:50

Can this show current track etc. for _me_ in my buddy list too? It would be nice to see it and know it's working right.

# by gilbertandjames on 12/07/05 at 15:05:14

add yourself to your buddy list?

# by MrFrodo on 12/08/05 at 05:33:52

I was looking for something less clunky. At the top of my buddy list I see Now Playing (or with the built in script, %_nowplaying. Is it not possible to show the actual status (what's _actually_ playing) like in iChat?

# by acidophil on 01/07/06 at 18:16:23


works fine with msn
but what have i to enter, and where, to get that to work with AIM/.mac and the others like icq, gtalk/jabber...
thx in advance,

# by Jupiter on 01/13/06 at 09:48:26


It works on the Messenger account too:

I just put "Jupiter >> %_nowplaying" on the alias field and got my messengers buddies seeing my name and the track i'm listening too...

this is a really great script!!!

# by macca7174 on 01/17/06 at 09:58:46

can you see what your other contacts are listening to? Like the Windows version of MSN messenger? Good script though.

# by macca7174 on 01/25/06 at 12:18:25

I updated today to 0.88... and the script doesn't seem to be working now. I have used it as my screen name as opposed to my status. Any comments? THanks. Love it btw

# by alexdagrate on 03/10/06 at 17:10:51

This doesn't seem to work in Bonjour... I tried it both in the Alias and in the status... any ideas?

# by roostaar on 03/17/06 at 07:03:27

Great script! I hace added '%_nowplaying' to my nick and removed 'Quiet' from the script so I have a clean nick when not playing iTunes.

I do however have a 'square' symbol after my nick whether Im running iTunes or not. Is there anyway to remove this?


# by iWestside on 04/17/06 at 02:34:53

I need to know the same answer please

# by desmondk on 08/28/10 at 11:29:41

-- comment out the next line to skip truncate feature
tell me to truncate(nom, art)
end if
set myMessage to not_listening_message
end if
end try
end tell

-- If iTunes isn't running, then display this message.

set myMessage to not_listening_message
end if

return (message_prefix as Unicode text) & myMessage

end substitute

3.Save and run it.

# by desmondk on 08/28/10 at 11:39:47

Delete the 2 statements with "copy message_prefix1 to message_prefix"


-- comment out the next line to skip truncate feature
tell me to truncate(nom, art)
end if
copy message_prefix1 to message_prefix
set myMessage to not_listening_message
end if
end try
end tell

-- If iTunes isn't running, then display this message.
copy message_prefix1 to message_prefix
set myMessage to not_listening_message
end if

return (message_prefix as Unicode text) & myMessage

end substitute

# by LoveLord on 04/02/06 at 12:57:08

Good script. Is there a way other than puting it in manually, to say how many songs I have and gigs of music I have?

# by Dr.Phreak on 04/14/06 at 07:30:24

It eats all the available cpu resource! Once used, the CPU usage is always at 100% and slows download my mac. :(

Is there a way to make it event triggered instead of endless polling?

And I have found that it creates multiple instances of AppleScripts running and scales with the number of status/ nicks / strings ("%_nowplaying", %_track and %_artist) in the preference. Isn there a way to trim them into 1?

# by iWestside on 04/17/06 at 02:35:35

I can remove the square simbol after I've removed "Quiet" ?

# by LedHed on 04/23/06 at 11:58:12

This may have been asked, but is there anyway that u can make this compatible with away messages as well?

great script.

# by LedHed on 04/23/06 at 11:58:13

This may have been asked, but is there anyway that u can make this compatible with away messages as well?

great script.

# by my_name_is_tudor on 04/27/06 at 13:16:48

Is there any way of removing the musical note symbol? It shows up even when nothing is playing, and apparently only shows up as a small box on msn accounts.

# by my_name_is_tudor on 04/27/06 at 14:09:11

Never mind, got it working myself. Thanks for the script though!

PS. is there any way of writing a script that you can type into a message to force %_nowplaying to run? So that when a track changes you can make it change faster?

# by 4g63t on 10/10/06 at 21:50:52

How did you get rid of the musical logo when iTunes is not playing?

# by bdog111 on 05/14/06 at 10:07:09

I modified this script and submitted it. Be on the lookout, it's nice. :-)

# by PMac on 05/14/06 at 11:17:48

I like it .. thanks

# by colorfultones on 07/21/06 at 09:13:19

not sure what "nickname" this Alias in Adium?

# by downeastboi on 08/09/06 at 09:10:30

Works perfectly for me...thanks for the script!!

# by libertyacc on 08/13/06 at 17:30:26

since i've installed the script, my avatar/buddy icon doesnt show. any idea on how to fix this?

# by rhombazoid on 09/10/06 at 15:50:26

Woot to the Gy!be.

# by ninjacarl on 09/15/06 at 01:49:17

how do i change the " ? " before the song name to " ♫ " ?

thanks in advance!

# by ninjacarl on 09/15/06 at 01:51:27

♫ is supposed to be displayed as the music note icon by the way.

# by miraisometimes on 01/14/07 at 10:50:04

i'm having the same problem. is there a fix for this?

# by switchenson on 09/20/06 at 13:52:50

How come this script / Adium doesn't support the "status message" for MSN ?

# by akindy on 11/07/06 at 22:55:06

Great little script, works very well!

# by rblitz7 on 11/25/06 at 11:09:21

I have a question! does this automatically update the now playing info if you set it as your available message? like if you change the song in itunes does the info change automatically?

# by ehalperin on 12/11/06 at 07:46:26

I don't see anything...I added myself to my buddy list. And i'm playing something in iTunes...

# by ehalperin on 12/11/06 at 07:47:24

Never mind

# by bossfn on 12/18/06 at 11:41:59

Anyone know of an addon/mod for Adium that let's you actually have the extra status message that MSN Messenger let's you put in? It's really the ONLY thing missing now to make it better than msn messenger.

I still think the best IM client is MSN Messenger Live! tweaked with

# by visualize27 on 03/15/07 at 16:56:53

I have trouble getting it past the stuff where it just says "%_nowplaying" It does not change in Adium 1.0.1 - it simply says "%_nowplaying" And I have restarted Adium numerous times. Can anyone here help. Have I missed something vital in my setup ?

# by visualize27 on 03/15/07 at 17:03:31

Actually, nevermind. I'll just use Jabber instead. Atleast I can get the whole personal message and song playing to work on there.

# by cassiotones on 07/14/07 at 13:51:30

nice example the Godspeed You! Black Emperor, hehehe is one of my favorite bands :D

# by JCole on 09/23/07 at 15:21:13

can u switch it so its song-artist instead of artist-song

# by W0utR on 01/26/08 at 19:53:23

ty, this was realy what i needed, it seems to work fine

# by BlueWolf on 02/02/08 at 10:59:49

when will be bug with displaying "what i listen" in wrong place fixed?
Will be better if it will show text in Status Message not near the name.
Thanks in Advance!

# by Stack on 05/29/08 at 00:33:25

Is there any way to remove the musical note symbol when nothing is playing?

# by standhal on 06/27/08 at 21:09:01

Here is another revised edition I made. Changed as followed.
1. nothing would be displayed even the beamed eighth note or the word "QUIET" while nothing had been played by iTune
2. turn off the truncation on more-than-42-words information

# by knuckledust on 07/08/08 at 08:04:36


Is there a way to use something like "artist by song from album (year)"?

# by knuckledust on 07/08/08 at 08:06:27

...hum, i mean "song by artist..." :x
ayway, you got the point, album and year is also available?

# by knuckledust on 07/13/08 at 17:32:13

Since nobody answered i tried to do it myself.

Here it is for anyone who needs it (i've never used applescript):

1- Search for set myMessage to (art & " - " & nom) (the "truncate" one)
2- Add [ & " (%_album) (%_year)"] between "nom" and ")". Should look like this -> set myMessage to (art & " - " & nom & " (%_album) (%_year)")

Result will be something like:
NOFX - You're Wrong (Never Trust A Hippie) (2006)

I could also simply put "%_artist - %_track (%_album) (%_year)" in my status, but it would look weird if iTunes was closed " - () ()". So my point was to use all this functions and also use the "QUIET" feature of the original script.

# by MauricXe on 08/11/08 at 20:17:56

Hey that's good work on looking at it on your own. But I would try a different approach.

Wherever you make the last call to set myMessage, depending on if you turn off truncate, you could do something like:

set myMessage to (nom & art)

If you look up in the author's function you will notice a set of if else statements that modify nom and art. Try appending text strings in those sections. For example:

if name is not "" then
set nom to "And listening to " & name
set nom to "And listening to an unknown song"
end if

You can reference any of a song's attributes by just using the name of the column. So if you want to make an attribute for album find this line in fig_tags():

set {nom, art} to {"", ""}

change it to:
set {nom, art, albm} to {" ", " ", " "}

Then copy and paste that name code I code you earlier and sub (album for name) and (albm for num.) Copy and paste and create as many variables as you need.

Hope that helps.

# by MauricXe on 08/11/08 at 20:03:32

I hope I didn't miss this in one of the other comments, but you left something important out.

In your function fig_tags(), you did not check if Itunes is playing.

Without adding the following lines of code, Adium away messages might not work correctly. In my experience, the error could be observed by:

1. Turning on an away message that uses the %_nowplaying
2. Waiting for an update
3. Closing Itunes.
4. Wait for an update.
5. Reopen Itunes.
6. My AIM account doesn't send messages and does not update properly.

So I added this to the top of your fig_tags() function:

--This next line gets read of leading new lines in the away message
set {nom, art, game} to {" ", " ", " "}

tell application "System Events"
set iTunes to ((application processes whose (name is equal to "iTunes")) count)
end tell
if iTunes is greater than 0 then

At the bottom, and the indents are matching:
set myMessage to (nom & art & game)
set myMessage to not_listening_message
end if
end fig_tags

Thanks for the script btw, it taught me a little bit about the system. I modified some of it for my own tastes.

Hope this helps!

# by MauricXe on 08/11/08 at 20:04:42

BTW the "game" variable is something I have in mine, so discard that.

Also, I didn't know the indents would not show up. :(

# by darknessky on 10/04/08 at 03:37:33

i add %_nowplaying to adium avail message and restart....never work....any step i have to do also 4 this script??


# by MauricXe on 02/03/09 at 10:25:37

Try and read my above additions.

# by sinergieunisone on 11/06/08 at 20:40:26

I'm really happy for this script....but now I'm using also the Skype's account on Adium and with its contacts this scipt dosn't work :(
any solution?

tnx a lot

# by fodnick96 on 11/28/08 at 18:58:47

This crashes my adium? Any ideas? It use to work... Basically none of the scripts work for me anymore... Any ideas?

# by westcoast021 on 07/21/09 at 13:27:51

workin' well for me, just installed it...i like how i can still do a custom status and have myself on Away but still have what i'm playing be visible. thanks!

# by Icht on 08/10/09 at 14:50:29

may I know how to remove this script on system? thanks

# by lng on 09/26/09 at 20:07:01

Hi! Thanks for the script, which works perfectly with iTunes. You said it also worked with streaming radio. Is there something specific I need to do for that, 'cos it doesn't seem to be working for me at the moment? Thanks in advance.

# by josta on 01/04/13 at 16:47:40

Any chance at an update to make sure it doesn't cause any problems with current version of Adium? It's working for me, great, even, but I have random instances where the program hangs and/or where windows freeze/don't relay messages. Thanks! It's a great script, otherwise. I've enjoyed using it.

# by jackal242 on 05/01/14 at 18:52:13

Does not work at all.

Just shows %_nowplaying for my available message.

# by jackal242 on 05/01/14 at 19:01:24

How does showing &_nowplaying as your Available in any way have anything to do with what's being played in iTunes?

This plugin does not work at all....

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4.00 / 378 votes
Current Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 05/07/05
Based on Now Playing in iChat AV 1.8.1 by Doug Adams