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Agent Adiumy

Agent Adiumy

Submitted By Josh Crang (Szilard)


An agent duck from the Martix

UPDATE 1.5: Changed the glasses to make it look more like an agent.

UPDATE 2.0: Added a bit of highlighting to make it look less 2D.



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# by zaudragon on 01/30/05 at 00:45:51

How about using Psiona's Icon at ? It's a better Icon in my opinion; the sunglasses look better. Good job though!

# by Szilard on 01/30/05 at 03:49:54

I wasn't planing to post this icon until beemer found a preview of it on my website. I dont really like it either! Also beemers already made an icon out of Psiona's picture

# by zaudragon on 01/30/05 at 17:47:33

didn't notice that!

# by frost on 01/31/05 at 01:31:28

it looks good...if it's supposed to be an agent from the Matrix, the sunglasses should be squared (all good guys wear rounded edges, all bad guys wear squared ones)

# by zaudragon on 02/04/05 at 22:05:41

The "Flap" icon has different coloring; it's darker

# by on 02/04/05 at 23:16:03

Looks cool- 5 out of 5

# by on 02/08/05 at 20:02:27

Hi, great icon. I belive there is an actual icon made for Adium in the Contents of It's the icon for the Agent, checking to see about which version you have, and comparing it to the server. Just considering that icon. :)

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Adam Betts for the original Adium Icon