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Submitted By Brian Waldo (beemer)


a yellow duck wearing a tuxedo



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# by zaudragon on 01/27/05 at 01:23:04

good job! I like it! Maybe make a version with a necktie :D

# by 61Tipo61 on 01/27/05 at 10:02:33

He looks awesome, I say a James Bond Adiumy Next!

# by beemer on 01/27/05 at 10:21:47

good ideas. i might try a neck tie but i do not know if i will have time. what makes a cool James Bond duck. if you have any ideas just post.


# by infinity on 01/27/05 at 18:33:38

I was thinking about a James Bond duck too. You should make a JB duck red, with a black suit and black bowtie. He should carry a pistol and shoot it when you get a message. It would be cool if you could make blood drip down the screen after he shoots like it does in the opening of the movies.

# by infinity on 01/27/05 at 18:38:02

Another idea for James Bond duck. Do something with the duck's hair to make it look combed. I think it would look more Bond-ish

# by zaudragon on 01/30/05 at 18:01:00

And then someone has to make a movie with the James Bond Adiumy!!!

# by beemer on 01/31/05 at 17:17:29

if anyone wants to give a go at the suggestions they can. What i really want is some one to help me do the pictures.

i was planning: he flaps and shoots guns like my sunglasses duck, I thought having him point out to the screen and shoot, then blood drips for connecting. ""does thins sound good? he moves to the side and sort of come the other way like this" """"" ----->ends starts----- """""

# by beemer on 01/31/05 at 17:21:14

so he would either move to the side and sort of come the other way like this" """"" ----->ends starts----- """"" when you are connecting, he would stop in the middle then shoot and blood would drip while he is doing it (should i use the circle that follows him?) or he can shoot out at the screen, at you and then run, or both. I hope someone can help me with all the graphics. maybe this can be a lot better than just a duck in a tuxedo.

# by infinity on 02/01/05 at 17:31:37

maybe during the connecting sequence you could have silhouettes of ducks floating around. :-

# by CaptainObvious on 02/02/05 at 01:26:50

naked ducks

# by zaudragon on 02/02/05 at 20:05:12

ducks are already naked :D

# by CaptainObvious on 02/03/05 at 16:17:51

you know what i mean...

# by danielgrenell on 03/27/05 at 23:19:51

i like it a lot, but i hate the yellow :b

# by Sauska on 06/13/08 at 10:20:56

Whoa man, thats great!
I think you should make one with a Black instead of
a blue Tuxedo, and a red bow tie

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