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# by buletman on 06/07/04 at 00:31:04

That is a link to some of the OS redesign I have done. The theme is XiTiBook2, and I altered the text color a bit. I have also changed the boot panel, to a very matrix looking theme. I have not figured out how to edit the login screen yet though. Otherwise, I think I am well on my way.

As far as the scrolling text, I have no idea what you mean by plist and such. Although I have seen plist files, I don't know what they are. :/. I'm a newb...haha...

# by buletman on 06/06/04 at 18:47:08

I just thought of it because I am remaking my whole OS to look like Matrix. Thats cool if someone else already did it, sorry if I stepped on anyone's toes. Once I figure out how to animate, I will give it a try, but something tells me it is going to be alot harder than what I already did :/.


# by buletman on 06/06/04 at 12:13:26

Haha, thanks alot...this is my first attempt at theming anyway. Well, for the past 2 days something struck me that made me want to theme everything. If you like this, you would love my OS theme. Everything from the Startup panel, to Adium is matrix-themed. Most of it created by me.