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# by johnkzin on 07/13/10 at 18:03:56

Nevermind. I see from opening up the sourcecode that you have to install PCRE yourself. I would like to suggest the following:

1) The above bullet items shouldn't just say "uses PCRE". It should say "YOU MUST INSTALL PCRE YOURSELF".
2) Give actual documentation above, so people know what they do and don't have to do in order to make it work, etc.

# by johnkzin on 07/13/10 at 18:00:59

How do you invoke it?

I sent a message:


then I typed:


and it just sent that as a literal message, it didn't apply the perl-ism to the previous message. If my understanding of the picture (the only documentation, apparently) is correct, then that should have, instead, sent the second message as "blahing". But it didn't. Is there some special thing you do to invoke the plugin?

I'm using Adium 1.3.10 on OS X 10.6.4 on an intel iMac. I installed the plugin, and then re-started Adium.