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# by techkid on 03/15/09 at 18:24:13

Oh and once again, to anyone reading this comment, I would just like to put in a request on my part for a simple article, somewhere, on how to build Adium Xtras from source...


# by techkid on 03/15/09 at 18:22:19

Hurray once again! Thanks for the change to the code and I can't wait to see the change and as for my huge suggestion, I don't really expect an implementation to be performed any time soon but if there's anyone listening out there with enough spare time & knowledge, I would just like to suggest it as a possibility for an amazing addon (on my part anyway).

Thanks again,

# by techkid on 03/15/09 at 16:50:36

Hmm... just using the addon, I had an idea, which though rather larger than my previous suggestion, may be a VERY interesting and useful addon...
The idea I had was quite simply, an extension to this very addon which would allow a table, or list to be stored (as seen in Preferences -> Status for custom statuses) of regex patterns to be applied to EVERY message.
Or an easier way to think of it for those who use Microsoft Office is 'Regex AutoCorrect for Adium'
An example of this could be, if you wish to correct 'tpyo' to 'typo' every time:

s/tpyo/typo/g - this would be applied to every message, correcting EVERY instance of tpyo...

Another possibility would be, if the above would be too difficult to implement, an option to have a single string regex to be applied to all messages... Due to the use of sed, this could include multiple regexes. For example:

s/tpyo/typo/g; s/ehre/here/g; s/$/Disclaimer: hello/g; s/^/Message:/g

could be applied to all messages, both correcting typos and prefixing and suffixing text to each message. If such an addon could be made (which I suspect it could) then I believe it could be AMAZING for Adium :D
I would love to implement this myself, but unfortunately I haven't quite familiarised myself with Xcode and Adium Xtra creation yet but if anyone can give me pointers as to how to compile Adium Xtras then I'd be willing to carry out the necessary work...

Finally, it's worth nothing that in the latest version of this addon, the preference of whether to show/hide correction text is NOT remembered across Adium restarts...

Thanks again,

# by techkid on 03/15/09 at 09:07:29

Hurray! Rejoice! Thank you for the update to the Xtra as it now works brilliantly and as expected! Thanks once again.

Not to bombard you with suggestions, but it is worth noting for all users that if you correct a message, then realise you want to correct it again, the correction works on the last STANDARD message sent by YOU rather than the corrected message...

Thanks once again,

# by techkid on 03/03/09 at 14:20:11

Hurray (and thank you). Please just notify me if I can be of any help and yeah, it seems a bit unnecessary and a developers' thing rather than for general usage and so has already confused several that I've talked to. Perhaps just:

This is a tpyo.
Correction: This is a typo

e.g. removing the (s/tpyo/typo/g) part... but simply, any more complex regexes can prove confusing.

Sorry to go on, but thanks again, and I hope it's not too much of a problem... :D