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# by mannkind on 12/29/11 at 06:49:58

I haven't used Adium in quite some time... but I'm on a fresh install of 10.7.2, just downloaded Adium 1.4.4 and installed this plugin -- seems to still be working.

# by mannkind on 02/22/10 at 07:07:40

Thanks for the report.

I've attempted to fix the issue, the source is on github, and the xtra is awaiting (re)approval.

# by mannkind on 01/08/10 at 06:58:54

I don't normally group chat, but I was able to replicate your issue using AIM group chat. I'm not sure if this happened in betas before 1.4b17; I can see that Adium is throwing errors in the Console...

I plan on looking into the issue when 1.4b18 comes out ... though perhaps I'll wait until 1.4 is released. We'll see.

Thanks for letting me know.

# by mannkind on 08/28/09 at 04:19:27

@dreamcore - I'm also using the Adium 1.4b9 beta (previously on Leopard, currently on Snow Leopard). The plugin is working ok for me. The "Show Regex Correction Text" menu item simply shows the regular expression you used. For example, if we were chatting...

I type: Hello dremcore!
Realizing that I made a typo, I type: s/dremcore/dreamcore/

IF "Show Regex Correction Text" is checked, the result will be: Correction (s/dremcore/dreamcore/): Hello dreamcore!

IF "Show Regex Correction Text" is not checked, the result will be: Correction: Hello dreamcore!

# by mannkind on 03/15/09 at 18:11:34

Huge suggestion aside (thanks!) the preference should be saved -- that's the whole point of a preference! haha. I must have lost that change somehow.

I've re-added saving/restoring the preference, so it should persist between Adium restarts.

I also changed the way the menu item works. It now shows a checkmark when active -- it used to change the text itself.

All this should be available soon, I think it's just waiting for the AdiumXtras admins to approve the new file.